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A Member of the State Election Commission Submitted a Proposal for the Dismissal of the Commission’s Director

“Today, as a member of the State Election Commission, I submitted a proposal for the dismissal of the Director of the commission, Dušan Vučko. Too many matters remain unexplained,” Drago Zadergal, a member of the State Election Commission, wrote on Twitter. As he explained, he submitted the proposal for a dismissal due to “negligent, improper work and negligence in performing his duties in running the State Election Commission service,” which caused irreparable damage to the commission. The decision on Vučko’s dismissal could be made in 14 days.

The proposal for his dismissal further explains the reasons why Dušan Vučko should no longer be the Director of the State Election Commission. In the first point, the author explains that the Director must be dismissed because he did not perform the technical tasks for the correct publication of the early and actual results of the elections to the National Assembly. In the second point, Zadergal accuses Vučko of being to blame for the 4-day delay in sending ballot papers abroad, which allegedly happened due to the latter’s negligent performance of duties. Consequently, the ballot papers were sent abroad later than they should have been, thus preventing voting by mail from abroad to a larger number of eligible voters. Vučko was also negligent when he overlooked an email from a representative of the paper commenting on the design of the ballots. In the last point, the dismissal proposal charges him with acting in violation of the National Assembly Election Act when he interfered in the competence of the State Election Commission by not informing it about the received signatures of support for MPs for candidate lists and by confirming by himself which lists of candidates are accepted with the signatures of three Members of Parliament.

The election process was anything but perfect
Anyone who has followed the last election to the National Assembly a little more closely knows that the fierce fight between political parties was also accompanied by the saga related to the State Election Commission, which is led by Dušan Vučko – for now. It started with the delays in sending ballot papers abroad, which made it completely impossible for some eligible voters to vote by post. Some even received the letter from the State Election Commission only after the election had already happened.
Vučko also overlooked the remark that ballot papers should be designed differently, and he also made a mistake as he was the one to confirm the candidate lists. In addition, the State Election Commission miscalculated which candidates received enough votes to get into parliament.

Who are the people who support such negligent work?
Zadergal also wrote in the proposal for the dismissal that the vote on Vučko’s dismissal also needs to happen because of another important reason. The result of the vote will clearly show who supports such negligence and thus bears part of the responsibility for the work that has been done so poorly.

Andrej Žitnik

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