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Janša: The Masks Have Fallen, The Real Fight Begins, And The Culture Of Life Will Prevail¬¬

“We are not witnessing a clash of civilizations, but a barbaric attack on civilization. We are witnessing an attack by the culture of death on the culture of life. An attack that is far from a clash of two equally powerful sides, but a brutal conquering march of the culture of death through the values of Western civilization,” Janez Janša pointed out at the Conservative Conference – CPAC.

On Friday, the President of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) and former Prime Minister Janez Janša spoke at the CPAC Conservative Conference in Budapest as one of the keynote speakers. CPAC is one of the world’s largest gatherings of conservative parties and movements. The SDS party President spoke about the dangers of extreme political concepts of all colours, most of which are fed by cultural Marxism.

You can read Janša’s speech in its entirety below:

“For a Culture of Life

Western civilization is fundamentally based on the Ten Commandments of God. In the Communist Manifesto of 1848, however, it is stated that the precondition for establishing a classless society of equality is the breakdown or destruction of the family, nation, private property, religion, and private education. At the same time, the abolition of representative democracy and the establishment of rule by people. Following the instructions of Marx, Engels, and Lenin, the implementation of the manifesto began with revolutionary terror. In a good part of the planet, communist dictatorship was established by violence.

Because there were no conditions for a violent seizure of power in some more developed environments in northern and western Europe and America, individual advocates of Marxism conceived a different path for breaking down the foundations of Western civilization. They called it cultural Marxism. In terms of values, it represents a culture of death. In technical terms, it is a formula: first discredit, then liquidate. According to their plan, it is necessary to first occupy the institutions that shape human values and then devalue the family, nation, religion, private education, and private property through them as much as possible. When these values are sufficiently discredited, most of the population will no longer defend them. As Antonio Gramsci wrote, newspapers, publishers, universities, and cultural institutions must first be occupied. In the century after Gramsci, technological and general development automatically added radio, film, television, and social networks to this list. Among the institutions that need to be specifically occupied and controlled, all international and multinational organizations have been added.

Various factions of the culture of death, especially corporate socialism or fascism, international and national socialism, have chosen partly different emphases and ways of destroying the foundations of Western civilization, but all have attacked its essence, its spiritual dimension, that is, religion. The factions of corporate fascism and national socialism were dismantled at the end of World War II. Marxism in the dimension of international socialism even strengthened territorially until the end of the Cold War, when it seemed to collapse. In fact, it only fully transformed into cultural Marxism. Slovenian communists described this transition by claiming that the Berlin wall fell on both sides. Cuban communists responded by founding the Sao Paulo Forum, which today controls the majority of Latin America.

Former working class or proletariat as the carrier of progress has gradually been replaced by all those social categories that can be justifiably or manipulatively labelled as minority, underprivileged, or oppressed. The classical Marxist goal, once openly named “socialism as a world process”, has been masked in more neutrally sounding humanitarian, social, and environmental global goals.

Uniform formations with swastikas or red stars on their caps have been replaced by urban Antifa, “awakened” individuals, and numerous other leftist so-called non-governmental organizations that are supposed to represent all “oppressed” and “minority” categories in society.

Wherever leftists have access to public funds, they massively finance the so-called modern civil society. Organizations that invent all sorts of things to achieve the goals of cultural Marxism, invent gender theory, special LGBT human rights, summarize justifications for euthanasia like Hitler did, invent new social or racial injustices and their alleged victims every day. These groups, who were not elected by anyone and have no contribution to the common good, receive incredibly rich financial injections from state budgets or various domestic and foreign foundations. In Latin America, they are also heavily funded by drug cartels. leftists finance hundreds of various “civil initiatives”, quasi-institutes, and quasi-cultural events that serve to discredit the foundations of Western civilization. Often also as a political army that organizes street protests and violence when the left is not in power. The rules of the pre-election campaign do not apply to them. There is usually no control over the expenditure of money for their political struggle. Many such associations are heavily funded from EU funds, while some European and international conventions grant them a special status in decision-making processes.

In this way, alongside classic political and multinational organizations and corporations, a special supportive structure of cultural Marxism is established and financially supported, which no one has elected. They usually call themselves the voice of the people. The most important role of this “rule of the unelected” is in many cases the destruction of the culture of life, that is, everything that represents the real traditional social capital of a community.

We must take this street “rule of the unelected” seriously, as it deliberately weakens or even destroys representative democracy. This is the strategic goal of cultural Marxism. Free elections in an environment where basic political freedoms, especially freedom of speech, free economic initiative, and equal rules for all, are central problems of cultural Marxism.

For many people in former communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe, it is incomprehensible that a large part of the financial support for the extreme left or destructive interventions of cultural Marxism comes from the “capitalist” West. However, this financial support is not so illogical. It is not based solely on the common denial of the spiritual dimension of man. An individual without strong emotional ties to their environment (family, local, community, nation…) and moral values (the Ten Commandments) is the logical meeting point between cultural Marxism and political globalization. Both prefer a pliable and spendthrift consumer, a person without attachment to home, local community, a nation, a person without oikophilia, as Sir Roger Scruton would say. A person who is only connected to the virtual network and their screens. A consumer who they can access directly without formal (national) and moral barriers.

At the same time, there is nothing better for a financial speculator than a spendthrift socialist government that borrows heavily, and whose taxpayers then pay high interest rates.

With the extremely dangerous and frighteningly successful march of cultural Marxism through our civilization, instead of an increasingly free, relaxed, and orderly environment for the individual, we get a semblance of freedom, in which freedom is what the unelected label as freedom. Whoever refuses to be blinded or refuses to submit becomes a problem. if they speak out loudly, they are accused of hate speech. They are publicly persecuted and discredited. If they try to connect with others who do not accept the illusion, they are declared fascists. If they resist, the so-called independent (unelected) judiciary persecutes and suppresses them.

Western civilization is not under attack from some other, more advanced culture. It is under attack from structures that want to destroy it, but do not offer an alternative. Only its illusions, which then, when we unveil the veil of cultural Marxist illusions, reveals the socialist chaos of today’s Cuba or Venezuela.

We are not witnessing a clash of civilizations, but a barbaric attack on civilization. We are witnessing an attack by the culture of death on the culture of life. An attack that is far from a clash of two equally powerful sides, but a brutal conquering march of the culture of death through the values of Western civilization. So far, it has been very successful:

  1. because it was skilfully disguised by the perversion of concepts; so that in the central discourse today, language no longer describes reality;
  2. because the culture of death or cultural Marxism was sold wrapped in the cloak of liberalism, human rights, and environmental protection;
  3. because it has been globally led and financed.

The conquering campaign of the culture of death through Western civilization was very successful also because the destructive power of the culture of death was underestimated and the resistance was insufficiently organized. One of the essential initial mistakes of this resistance was the repetition of the fallacy of the beginnings of classical Marxism, according to which material conditions themselves would change people’s consciousness. Many individuals from the camp of the culture of life believed that the economy, the form of liberal democracy, and technology would, by themselves, deal with the fallacies of cultural Marxism. Of course, this did not happen. On the contrary, wealth created precisely due to conservative values, life forces, and evolutionary abilities of modern capitalism were abused in many places to destroy its foundations. And this even though classical conservative philosophers warned of the dangers of cultural Marxism from the very beginning. Unfortunately, their ideas were not followed by an effective organization at the national and international level quickly and strongly enough. Today, within the framework of the Western civilization circle, we have only one country that openly and fully resists this danger. This is Hungary. And one international political organization, CPAC, which fully realizes that the values of the Western civilization, its fundamental rights, must be defended where they are actually under attack.

In the Holy Bible, in the Gospel of John, we read: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God… All things were made through word, and without it was not anything made that was made. “

Therefore: We must regain the word. We must regain the language that will describe reality. We must name things and phenomena for what they are. We must regain a full freedom of speech.

We must regain the autonomy of the family and the sovereignty of the nation. We must regain schools where there is no place for cultural Marxism and the culture of death.

We must regain sufficient space in universities, publishing houses, media, cultural institutions, and social networks. We must regain democracy that will be the rule of voters and the elected.

Thank you to all who were among the first to resist the destructive campaign of the culture of death publicly and bravely. The masks have fallen, the real fight begins, and the culture of life will prevail.”

Andrej Žitnik

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